Coronavirus: Observations 29th March 2020

I shall start with a few thoughts.

1. What if you get this Coronavirus, and we are told after a week, you can no longer get it again, nor pass it on to others. Will you be given a pass to go out? Should we wear a badge so others know you are safe and people can come close to you in safety? Would you need to be still made to stand in the cold for no reason at the supermarkets?

It would seem rather pointless to fine people if they have had it, if they then wish to sit on the beach with fellow friends who have also had it.

2. Should you fear not getting the Coronavirus?

I have a fear, and that is I do not get it. If I get it, I know then I can mix with those who are most vulnerable without passing it on to them.

I stated this to my friend, who has a mum in her 70’s with slight lung problems. I stated, if you do not get Coronavirus, it could mean not seeing your mum for 12 months. For many vulnerable, being isolated and depressed may bring on death anyway.

So I said, in reality, you would be best to get it, then you can help your mum.

However one has a much greater fear from not getting the Coronavirus, and this is the fact that it may come back later as the Spanish flu did. The Spanish flu came back as a second wave [LINK], and many who died it is stated were the ones who did not get the Spanish flu the first time, and developed immunity.

3. It will not matter if rates of the Coronavirus fall in the UK. We may wake up one day soon, and be told no new reported cases of the Coronavirus. And you may feel joy. But the problem is, unless every other country in the world also has zero cases, then as soon as people start to travel again, it will spread again. Of course we may have a vaccine by then, or/and enough people have had in in the UK that it cannot spread again.