Some notes for today.


My friend yesterday missed her call from her doctor. Her doctor is no longer seeing people face to face. One presumes that many who may get such as cancer will find it hard to be seen, and so one suspects, many people will die from illnesses as doctors are not seeing them.


One thing I had not considered, was the fact that many of the young, will now miss out on life.

I was at the supermarket, chatting to one of the staff, who said he was 21 and may never go to a night club again, or indeed anything, but be sat at home. Such impact may result is depression with the young. Suicide and self medicating may be a big result from this. When I say self medicating, by this I mean illegal drug use and alcohol.


On going to the supermarkets, they have now screens up on the till.

They seem to have had these manufactured very quickly. They seem to offer very little protection in truth, but seem more as a comfort blanket, for both staff and customers.

They also seem to be playing at silly games by making people stand outside a few meters from each other. This may have some effect, but seems to be no more than to give people a false sense of safety.

The Classes

One is still observing that the working class, seem to have no real interest in these issues, and are out hatting and walking with each other.

While at the same time, I note the middle class are having fun, by telling each other (in a rather smug way) the rules to each other.

One middle class jogger, freaked out as she went past my dog screaming to me that she may catch the virus from her.

27th March 2020

One suspects that already many are sick of being made to stay inside.

One suspects that once the weather gets warm, people will go out regardless.

One old lady who talked to me yesterday stated that, she would rather be out walking in the warm sun, than be inside a prisoner living in fear, and that she would rather be free. And if she got the virus and died from it, it would be far better than sitting inside seeing her life go by.

It is interesting to see that those who seem to fear this the most are the young, walking around with face masks, and fearing about going near people, yet, should they get it, would in most cases have an illness no worse than the flu or a cold. While the elderly I have noticed are out, just living, even though they are most at risk.

One wonders, how many elderly will simply die from being inside for so long.

This lock down is only a few days old, yet one senses many are already fed up of it. One suspects that people will start to go out, and risk fines. While today many seem to be inside, one suspects that in two weeks time, people will just ignore the rules, nor mind the prospect of 12 weeks inside.