Yesterday I did not see many Stasi (UK Police) eon the roads. For a few days I have seen so many police vans, all over, yet, yesterday only one police car. Perhaps they have been told off for arresting children out playing [LINK].

The roads seem to be much busier. My feeling is people have already got fed up of the lock-down and many are going back to work. Some may have no option as they have found they will not be one of the lucky-ones to get state money while not working.

It is clear the banks are not giving loans to businesses, with the ease they were expecting.

So rather than go broke, one presumes people are returning to work.

I spoke to a gardener while getting fuel, and he said, he had enough, and as he was not going to get any money from the banks or government, he was off back to cutting peoples lawns, or worse he feared was someone else pinching his customers.

Someone else told me they had got a few baked bean tins, and will now be opening up there shop, as they will claim they sell food.

When I walked the dogs, I no longer see the excited middle class families, eager to obey the rules and stand back from you as you pass. Now I see, the same middle class families, devoid of the same eagerness. Rather I found as I walked past, people now only move with some slight movement.

I get the sense that people are already fed-up of the lock-down. I presume this will be the case in other countries too.

One suspects people will in the next few days, quit these rules and start to live life as normal.

The police may fine or arrest a few, but the numbers of people who within a few days venture out, will make arresting everybody pointless.

I could be wrong. Perhaps people will stay inside, and watch there jobs vanish, business’s ruined, loose there homes.

In the afternoon I collected a sick note for my friend from her doctors. They are not seeing any patients, but you can collect things such as sick notes. The receptionist, rather than pass the note to me over the reception area, insisted she came out and placed it on a table near me. I suggested would it not have been simpler to pass it over the reception area. She stated that if she had she would have got closer to me. I could not be bothered to point out that by going to the table she was in fact coming closer to e, and no longer had the protection of the reception area that covered most of her up.

On the way home, I passed my old house. This has nothing to do with Coronavirus, but rather a note to remind myself later. I have not been past for some years. For some reason, the person or people living in the house have covered the bottom half in something that it battleship grey. If it had not been for the Coronavirus I would have made a visit and congratulated them, on turning the house into the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It takes a huge effort to make what was an attractive house, so ugly.