Coronavirus: Observations 10th April 2020

I went in the shops again.

The woman serving mumbled something at me. She had a mask on. I had no idea what she said. She mumbled something about basket and I had to bring mine with me or something. I said I had not picked a basket up.

I have no idea what she was on about.

Switched on Jeremy Vine show on CH5. Lots of self-righteous morons phoning in saying how they are better then everybody else as they are not going out for even a walk and how some MP should be hung up for driving a few miles [LINK].

Of course anyone with a brain would know that he is putting no one at risk if he had driven 10 miles are 400 miles. It is this fake upset at these things, that re putting people such as myself off this lock-down nonsense each day. I am at the moment plying along with much of this total nonsense, but getting fed up of this rubbish each day.

One self-righteous moron said how she stays in her narrowboat and does not even walk down the tow-path (I believe your allowed to as part of your daily exercise), and how she was upset because others were having a nice time walking down the tow-path, and being self-righteous she was putting signs up to tell people not to walk. Well as she does not own the tow-path, she can shove her home made signs up where the sun does not shine.

This lock-down is now a religion for many people. The self-righteous make up there own rules, and believe we must all follow these rules without question, or evidence that they work are or effective.

I stood 30 minutes yesterday (clearly 30 minutes where I was exposed to anyone with the virus) outside a shop, to get one single item. I would have been in and out in less than one minute, where I would have had very little risk. Yet the shop increased my risk my making me stand so long with others.

For any self-righteous moron who is reading this, and sat fuming, that I dare go walk the dogs each day, and I am enjoying the sun, along with many others, while your sat at home fuming, or out with your camera reporting people to the police. I live on y own, and the only time I will ever meet anyone is when I am forced to stand in a line for hours, at a shop to buy food. In fact, even before this Coronavirus stated, I would meet no one, as I hate to meet people.

The daft thing is, where I walk the dogs, for the last 20 years I would see no more than two people, yet because of this Coronavirus, the woods are full of people walking around.