Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works

We have not got herd immunity because so many are posting stupid things on twitter, saying it will mean we all die.

I cannot believe the UK is full of so many stupid people.

See also: Coronavirus: PM’s virus adviser warns Britain might still need to adopt herd immunity in its fight against coronavirus as lockdown measures have painted the country ‘into a corner’ [LINK].

The way you make herd immunity work is simple.

You let the healthy get the virus, and they are fine.

Stats show from the NHS/BBC that most deaths are those over aged 80, with health problems [LINK]. Under 39 deaths are about 25 or less, and it is more than likely they had health problems.

You then isolate the vulnerable, and you concentrate your efforts into protecting the vulnerable.

After a few weeks, the virus burns out.

That means the vulnerable are exposed a MUCH shorter time to the possibility of getting the virus, and so more lives are saved.

However the morons seem to think is best that we in the UK are doing is the lock-down. Sweden they are doing the herd immunity and it seems to be working [LINK].

The lock-down is already meaning many more people are dying or being killed. Some are being murdered via domestic abuse [LINK], some are committing suicides [LINK], and these will increase dramatically over the next few years as people loose everything as the UK economy crashes [LINK]. Not to mention the thousands with mental health problems who are now not seeing anyone, and if you get cancer, you may not be seen as doctors are in many cases only talking to people on the phone and not in person.

Now the big problem with not doing herd immunity is that if you have not had the virus (and so have developed immunity to it) or been given a vaccine (it could be 12 months away), then if we get a second or third wave [LINK] [LINK], that turns out to be more deadly as in the case of the Spanish Flu [LINK] you may die even if you are healthy.

What we should expect is, the deaths is Sweden will increase faster, but will be fewer in the long run [LINK]. We should also expect the Coronavirus to end in Sweden much sooner. It is logical the deaths will increase, as you are exposing more people to the virus in one go rather than spreading it out for months and months (as we are doing in the UK).

If the UK carries on with the lock-down, we would expect the Coronavirus be around far longer. This will mean vulnerable people are exposed to the possibility of getting the Coronavirus far longer, and so the death rate will be higher than Sweden (in percentage terms of course).

But you also need to factor in all the extra deaths as well, from (as I pointed out) murder, suicides, and so on. Which may be far greater than those who die with the Coronavirus.

It is also presumed that as soon as the government relaxes the lock-down, we will simply have new waves of the virus, and so do we keep doing new lock-downs for months if not years.

The argument that we must all isolate to protect the NHS seems rather odd and I am yet to hear the explanation for this. As we know, very few people under 65 have died from the virus, and most (if not all) have health problems (known or not known). So even if the population of the UK under 65 got the virus and were healthy, it would be unlikely they would end up in hospital. The same way very few will be in hospital for a cold. Of course you isolate the vulnerable.

One last thing to remember. Many vulnerable will die from lack of exercise, and/or depression for being on there own for weeks if not months.

We also need to stop getting worked up about the tests. We may find home tests are not good enough, or months away, and so, laboratory tests may be the only tests we use [LINK]. And even if we had the German ability to be conducting more than 50,000 coronavirus tests a day, that will still take a LONG time to test the 66 million population of the UK. Not to mention some people will need to be tested a few times (as they first may not have the virus, but later get it so need to be tested again).

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