Coronavirus: Is your local council p*ssing money away in this Coronavirus

In my experience local councils are expert in one thing, and that is to p*ss away money, then get as much as they can from tax payers.

It is after all the ideology of most socialists, who believe they have the right to spend cash as they feel, and then expect others to pay for whatever projects they wish.

If you ever want to see how local councils blow money, just go past a damp ugly concrete block of flats, that will have cost a fortune to build, then all the millions they spend repairing and upgrading it, till in the end they pull it down again. While they could have simply had something decent built in the first place, that would have looked nice and lasted for years.

And the joy of going to a council swimming pool, and to swim in luke warm water, as bits of roof, fall down on you, and yet pay a fortune for this delight.

The local council near me, seems to have taken over most of the large houses at the big parks, for offences. Very nice indeed. Of course they could have been rented out to be used by businesses, and even run as such as a restaurant or cafe for the public.

In the 1990’s I was put local at one of these houses in a park for work experience. It had large offences, where people would come in, get there mail then leave. My office was different, as we had 7 people. Each day we would sit and chat, have a cup of tea, then once every few hours, someone would answer a phone to take a booking, for one of the spare rooms they would rent out.

So is my local council saving money during the Coronavirus?

Well it is fun to see lots of traffic wardens walk around, even though the shops are shut and so, it seems pretty pointless to have them still working.

I had to phone the council, to sort out my friends council tax situation. Oh boy, what a plonka I spoke to. I was on the phone 30 mins, just to have the women ask the same questions. Then she claimed I would need to speak to someone else and so set up a call back. When the person called me back, she asked, why she had to call me back. I said because the other women insisted. So that was another pointless chat.

I often joke that if you love to waste money and are useless, then you are ideal to work for the local council.

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