Coronavirus: Is the lock-down no more than a ‘hide under your table’ propaganda advice?

Not so long ago, we were given propaganda advice on what to do in a nuclear war [LINK].

Some advise was to hide under a table.

In truth, most of us will know today that if you were close to the blast, you would probably be vaporised, while those further away would probably die from radiation poisoning, or die from lack of food and/or water.

But we are fed this nonsense, as even if you know it is nonsense, it sort of makes you feel safer.

The lock-down of the Coronavirus, are we being fed lots of drivel, just to make us feel safer, even if, the lock-down does far more harm [LINK]?

It is sensible to lock-down the vulnerable, while the virus burns quickly through the healthy.

However, what is the evidence that we should be doing a lock-down in the way we are?

Does it even make sense to on on hand have a packed out tube [LINK] then on the other, people are stopped from going out and being on thee own [LINK].

One moment they are going to ban going out [LINK], then a few hours later they are not [LINK].

It feels very much a this is made up as people go along, with no real evidence to state this is what we should be doing.

The problem is, how much damage this will create in the long run on people.

We are seeing effects already [LINK], and yet we are only at the start of the lock-down. The big nightmare will be the rescission that is to come, where people have no jobs and loose everything.

The other day as I was walking in the woods with the dogs, a man jumped down off the path with his wife and child. He stood in the mud, looking up at me scared. He looked weak, and pathetic, with his big black long beard, that I presume he has grown to give him some confidence. I thought to myself, how will his child feel about her dad, seeing him being such a coward. One suspects she will have very little respect for him, and end up taking drugs in later life.

And this is my point, this lock-down will affect so many, and so many will suffer.

This will not be something that is over in a few months, but the effects of the lock-down may be something that never leaves us in our lifetimes.

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