Coronavirus: Is making people line up to go into the supermarket a waste of time?

I have been to a few shops/supermarkets in the UK, where some (not all) have been messing about making people stand like morons in the cold.

This seems rather stupid, and pointless.

Normally, I would go buy a few things, and be in and out in under two minutes. Even when the supermarkets are busy, on a normal non Coronavirus day, I am some distance from other people.

Now the supermarkets, are messing about making people stand up to an hour or longer, along with others, who in truth are unlikely to be 6 feet from the person in front or behind, with children, who understandably are fed up and running all over. As soon as they enter the store most go back to walking close to each other anyway. Of course a few middle class walk around saying ‘distance’ to each other, though, one suspects, being in a closed environment, this is achieving rather little.

One can only presume keeping people in a line for an hour, is no more than exposing everyone to the possibility of getting the Coronavirus for an hour, rather than, simply letting people go in, shop, then leave, quickly.

We are looking to have a few cold days in the UK, and I cannot see people wanting to stand too long in the cold, and one suspects that the supermarket staff will end up with many people moaning.

I also noticed that as soon as I entered the supermarkets, the staff were more than willing to chat to me as close as we would have done before the Coronavirus panic had started.

One wonders if those who have had the Coronavirus could be allowed in without having to stand in the cold, as it seems rather pointless for them to have to stand.

One wonders why shoppers have not questioned the logic of this, and the fact they will be exposed far longer by standing for hours with others.

In one supermarket we had the bizarre situation where we were made to stand in a single line to pay. We were then allowed to go to a till to pay. What effect standing in this single line was supposed to achieve, more than standing normally to pay, I fail to see.

In truth, the way people are implementing rather odd safety systems, is rather interesting. Most seem to simply make things far worse, rather than better.

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