Coronavirus: Is a lot of this politically motivated?

Almost (if not all) governments worldwide have put in place a lock down.

In many cases governments have switched to a almost Communist system of paying people directly.

One wonders if this is no more than pressure from many on the left, using this as a tool, to kill capitalism and to have full state rule.

We see many on the left claiming this is the way forward and how they were correct [LINK].

We see a lot of doctors who seem to be left wing Labour supporters pushing fear after fear. While one must remember, a doctor is NOT going to be an expert in how to treat viruses as leading virus and vaccine experts will be, who basically have spent years studying the effects. Yet rather than having the experts inform us on TV, we have doctors, who appear biased. For instance, on the ‘Jeremy Vine’ show has stated she is against Boris Johnson.

The fear one has, is that, people may now die unnecessarily, on the basis of a hope of bringing down a system, that a few object to.

One wonders if the path most governments on, is the path they wanted to be on. Yet pressure has made them go this way.

An example being for several weeks pressure to shut the schools. The UK government has caved in. But what was the point of doing so? I see the children all out playing outside, so it has not stopped them mixing with each other. It has meant some people having to stay at home, such as nurses, to look after there children, unless the school took them in.

We are told that schools are supposed to be open, for children of such as nurses and doctors and so on. Yet the schools near me seem deserted, with no cars outside, so one wonders if they have any staff/teachers inside.

This closing of schools, would seem to only increase the chances of the virus spreading, as children play in groups with each other, then go home to parents/family.

This also does not take into account that children of very young age are clearly even at this point showing signs of stress about this virus. While at school, they could have there minds occupied, but at home, they will be seeing about it on the news and see there parents worried about money.

The hope for some, seems to be the hope that all big businesses fail, and the state runs them.

Yet, at the same time, we see the state not coping, and making huge mistakes.