Coronavirus: I have had enough now of this lockdown nonsense

To be honest folks, I am fed up with this rubbish. I am under 60, and have no health conditions. I have no family or friends over 60. It is unlikely that if I get this virus (I may have had it already). And so I am very unlikly to die from this virus or even be that ill from it [LINK].

If you want to be scared (as some people are) and stay inside till you get old and drop dead, that is up to you.

I am sick to death of all those prats telling me how I am going to die, and even if I get it, I may get it again.

Well it looks like South Korea’s tests were not very good, and those who seemed to have had it, then got it again, it looks like the tests sucked [LINK].

I have had enough now.

I am fed up of not living.

I am fed up of standing in the rain for an hour, to go into a supermarket to buy a bag of dog food.

I am fed up of walking past scared people looking frightened all the time.

I am fed up of all the arrogant prats that think I am supposed to be as scared as them, and expect me to jump to the left or right as they get close to me.

I am sick of the car parks being closed at parks, so people just park on the roads, and as such, it achieves nothing, but shows how stupid councils are.

I am sick of police, who think they are saving the world by pestering people, and treating people (who may even have a degree or a phd) as stupid, and come out with some drivel that your killing the world [LINK].

By the way, a few years ago, most of the people you see in the police to day, would never have been allowed in the police a few years ago. We used to only allow the best into the police. Today, it seems, they let any weak, illiterate, moron into the police. And I know several police who have retired think the police today are pathetic, and they cannot believe that we have gone from police of quality, to what we have today. So if you were bullied at school, and are small, weak, fat, stupid, the police now seem to let you join.

And yes, I miss the police we used to have.

To be honest, I am just fed up.

I feel I am suffocating.

I feel like screaming at all these prats in masks that they look like prats, and considering many are about 20 years of age, what the heck are they scared of?

Are we now going to live in fear of the common cold?

The logic of this lockdown nonsense, is that we should drag anybody sick of any illness, onto the street and burn them, in case they infect anyone else. And the way things are going, it would not surprise me if we did, and I would suspect the public would go along with it.

I am starting to hate these jerks who want us to stay inside 24/7 and who seem to think we should not go out to even buy food.


I cannot take it anymore.

I am cracking up.

I bet we will now see years of children who will die early as they will be too scared to go out, and will stay inside drinking (alcohol) and eating (fatty food). I wonder if in ten years from now, you will never see anyone outside as so many will still be too scared to go out.

Lets face it, look how many parents have spent years bleaching everything, thinking it will protect there children, when it may have simply reduced there children’s ability to fight illness and as such ended up with asthma. These same parents will probably end up being in fear of ever going out, and will pass this fear onto there children.

To be honest, I suspect not only have we screwed up the economy, but also done huge mental damage to many people.

I am fuming that everything has been screwed up because of pathetic people who screamed the government was trying to kill them [LINK].

I cannot cope folks.

The world seems to have been populated by the insane.

I am wondering if this is a strange dream, or have I died and this is in fact hell. A hell where I am sane, and the rest of the world has gone mad.

Perhaps it is me who has gone mad, and the rest of the world is sane.