Coronavirus: Humberside Police ask people to report rule-breakers on there new Stasi website

If your in the Humberside region, the police have set up a ‘Stasi’ style website for you to report everyone for dog walking, and anything else that you deem people should not be doing [LINK].

They should have the police set such a ‘Stasi’ style website for our area, as I know a few people who will be overjoyed at reporting people. The type that goes out with a tape measure, so if a blade of grass is 1 mm too long they will be on the phone to the local council, reporting people for not cutting there grass.

They will be loving the power of getting people fines, and if they can have the arrested and ‘disappear’, even better.

At one point in time, I used to think my friend paranoid, when he said the introduction of photo ID driving licences was for state control. It now looks like those conspiracy theorists were correct after all.

I did find it odd that for a while now UK police would ask motorists if they had there driving licence on them, when, no law states they should, and why would you in case you lost it. One wonders if we will soon see a time when we are made by law to carry ID. Of course we will be told it is for our benefit, and most people will go along with it, declaring that we should all do so. And at the same time, the media will say how good it is, and those who say otherwise will face the wrath of the law.