Coronavirus: Health Secretary Matt Hancock states the UK government may ban exercise “of all forms” outside homes.

Coronavirus: Sunbathing ‘against social distancing rules’ [LINK].

While people cram together in the London tubes [LINK] the government does not ant people who are not near each other to be near each other to sunbathe.

We are told this is to protect the NHS.

Yet we also know that 92% of deaths are from those aged 60 or older with health problems [LINK]. Indeed those under 60 (very few) have in most cases health problems. So one presumes that if your healthy and get the virus you will NOT need to go into hospital, in the same way you would not if you got the cold or flu.

Will we be locking people down every-time we have the flu going around as many each year die from the flu who are over 60 with health problems? If you believe locking healthy people down for this Coronavirus is sensible, then you must feel it the correct action for all colds and flu too.

Worldwide, an estimated 300,000 to 650,000 people die from flu each year [LINK].

One can only presume that we will from now on shut the county down each year due to flu.

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