Health Secretary Matt Hancock backtracks on threat to ban all public exercise as he says toughening up coronavirus social distancing rules is ‘not imminent’ but warns people who are ‘pushing the boundaries’ by sunbathing they are putting lives at risk [LINK].

Matt Hancock this afternoon backtracked on a threat to ban outdoor exercise if people do not comply with the coronavirus lockdown as the Health Secretary said such a move is not ‘imminent’.

Mr Hancock this morning blasted sunbathers for flouting the rules and warned the government is willing to ban ‘all forms’ of public exercise if a ‘small minority’ refuse to stay at home.

However, speaking at the daily Downing Street coronavirus press conference he said he did not want anyone to believe that a further crackdown was in the works as he praised the ‘vast majority’ of people for sticking to the government’s guidance.

It is as if they are making this up as they go along.