Coronavirus: Has anybody seen any evidence that the lockdown is the best model?

See: Coronavirus: Why I do not blame the government but the public for this mess [LINK]

Why does everybody seem to defend the lockdown, even though we have a goverment adviser stating some things were ‘conjured up out of nowhere’ [LINK].

Yet, with no evidence that I can see, so many people seem to want to believe the lockdown is correct, yet have zero evidence to prove it is the correct method.

Someone posted:

Jack, you’re as nutty as those oddbods who believe the Twin Towers collapsed in controlled explosions, with explosives planted on every floor on the orders of the Bush White House.


This would make sense if (1) I was not backing up my posts with links to evidence (such as the BBC and NHS), and (2) he (and others) posted an evidence, but instead (he and other) just post what they believe to be true.

In reality, it is more like, I am stating the world is round, by providing evidence, to people who believe the world is flat (with no evidence), except that in there minds it is logical the world is flat.

Many simply post I am wrong, then block me when I ask them to post evidence that they are correct.

One woman (who was left wing) today was posting that she was fuming that a journalist had posted that children would be unlikely to die from the Coronavirus and how the journalist was telling lies. I posted that the journalist was telling the truth, and posted the NHS info to show this [LINK]. She was clearly fuming that I used NHS info to show that this left wing was in the wrong, and being a nice left wing person, she told me to f*ck off, then she blocked me.

Another posted this:

One of your family could get it in the “herd immunity” phase you so much admire, hope you’re ok with that


I said lets hope so, as then they can go out and see vulnerable relatives in safety after a week or so.

Plus they will be protected, if we get a deadly second wave [LINK].

As I have stated, you need to look at both the total deaths plus the deaths from the lockdown, and these are estimated to be 150,000 [LINK]. And the evidence of deaths from the lockdown are in the news each day [LINK].

It is strange why people are so desperate to believe 100% that the lockdown is correct, based on no real evidence.

My thought is that people are simply scared and feel safer with the lockdown [LINK] or that, because they see others supporting the lockdown that they presume this must be the correct approach (however nonsense it is) and they feel they must follow the crowd.

Lets make this simple. If you have evidence to show the lockdown is what we should be doing, and it works, please provide evidence, rather than silly pointless comments, such as:

Have you not noticed people die of Coronavirus yet?


Becase as soon as you post such as this, all I do is post NHS stats to show that those at risk of death are aged 60 and over with health problems [LINK].

Others seem to have to completely lie, and claim I am wanting the vulnerable dead. Feel free to prove I have ever said that, when I have pointed out that we should be protecting the vulnerable (and not the healthy).

By the way, I do not think I have ever said such a thing as this:

Love it that you choose which deaths are acceptable


The chap who posted this has gone on to lie and say that I have said at some point that ‘over 60s dying is ok’. Clearly I have never stated that in my life. But this is the type of people you try to debate with, over this.

So, as I say, when I am debating about the lockdown, I find like I am trying to explain to people (with evidence) that the world is not flat, while they claim it is flat, on the basis that is what they feel. And to them, what they feel is evidence.

In fact each day, I see this more true than the day before:

Coronavirus: Everyone Jumps Off Bridge After New Government Order Telling Everyone To Jump Off Bridge [LINK].

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