The government can open schools in May but I’m not sending my girl, 5, back until I think it’s safe – even if it’s 2021 [LINK]

Once the lock-down is over, or indeed once the virus is no more (perhaps in a few months time), will things return to normal?

The chances are the economy will crash, and many will be unemployed [LINK]. However will people themselves return to normal?

While many of us are getting on with things, and will chat to each other as we walk, I see many who live in fear.

Yesterday a woman on the path in the woods, suddenly jumped into some bushes. A few days before, a couple in front of me (some distance away), ran to the side of the path, and the wife, fell, and could have hurt herself badly.

Those that life in fear, seem angry that I do not share there fears.

As I have said, yesterday, many stood in a line in a supermarket in fear, letting a fat bully, upset two old ladies [LINK], and left me to defend them.

We see reports (such as the one from above that people will remain in fear.

So even if/when the pubs, restaurants and so on, open up. Will people go out of fear?

Even those who are lucky to have jobs, how many will go back to work, but would rather stay at home, feeling safe.

And how many will in years to come, see themselves as nothing but cowards, running in fear all the time from people.

As I have stated before, I walked passed someone a few days ago, and said to them ‘Hi’, he ignored me, and walked on. I then said (in a nice way), I said ‘Hi’. Again he ignored me and walked on. I said,’your rather ignorant to ignore me’. Again, he ignored me and walked on. ‘Your a coward too I see, something you will have to live with for the rest of your life’.

How will these people cope as the years go on, that they were not brave, not decent?

This lock-down, will affect a lot of peoples mental health.

This lock-down, will have made people realize many are not brave, but no more than cowards, running away from everything, not willing to stand up to anything, happy to roll over with ease.