Coronavirus: Doreen Lawrence to head Labour probe on minorities (or is this just a cheap way to get the minority vote?)

Coronavirus: Doreen Lawrence to head Labour probe on minorities [LINK]

Baroness Doreen Lawrence will lead a review into the impact of coronavirus on black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, the Labour Party says.

The campaigner and mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence has been appointed as Labour’s race relations adviser by leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The review will examine why the virus appears to disproportionately impact those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

The government has also commissioned an investigation into the issue.

The Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre found that 34% of more than 4,800 critically-ill patients with Covid-19 identified as black, Asian or minority ethnic.

Is this going to achieve anything, or is it just a cheap trick to try to win the minority vote?

One presumption why those who are identified as black, Asian or minority ethnic, and have an increase in being in hospital is due to many reasons.

1. It is far more common for elderly Asian members of family live with family members. This increases the contact with others.

2. Those from such as an Asian background, tend to live longer as they eat fresh food and tend not to smoke and drink. And so there are probably a lot more Asian elderly.

3. Asian elderly tend to be (from what I have seen) much more active and it is not uncommon, to see Asian elderly of great age in the supermarkets shopping for there family. And again will mix more with others.

It may also be a factor that many elderly who have died in care homes are not recorded as having the virus. These will be mainly (one presumes) white elderly. As such the stats may be that deaths from black, Asian or minority groups, are in line with everybody else.

However, one suspects this is just Labour trying to appeal more to the minority vote.

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