Coronavirus: Deaths involving COVID-19, England and Wales: deaths occurring in March 2020

Stats from: Office for National Statistics (ONS) [LINK]

There were 3,912 deaths involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) that occurred in March 2020 in England and Wales; of these, 3,372 (86%) had COVID-19 assigned as the underlying cause of death.

Of the deaths involving COVID-19 that occurred in March 2020, there was at least one pre-existing condition in 91% of cases.

Taking into account the age structure of the population, the rate of deaths due to COVID-19 was 68.5 deaths per 100,000 persons; this was 69.7 per 100,000 persons in England compared with 44.5 per 100,000 persons in Wales.

COVID-19 was the third most frequent underlying cause of death for deaths occurring in March.

The rate of death due to COVID-19 increased significantly in each age group, starting from age 55 to 59 years in males and age 65 to 69 years in females; overall, one in five deaths were in age group 80 to 84 years.

So as we can see in 91% of cases, people had a pre-existing condition. One must presume that the other 9% may also have a health condition, that was not known.

Notice too that this affects the elderly, far greater than those under 60.

So as I have been stating all along, why are we putting everybody in a lock-down, when in fact those under 60, have very little to fear, when we could spend our time looking after the vulnerable and isolating those at high risk?

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How many will die because of the lock-down and not the virus?

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If, as we expect the economy crashes [LINK], will this have been worth it?

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