Coronavirus: BBC’s Big Night In raises £27m – Captain Tom Moore raises more than £28m

LINK: Big Night In: 11 highlights from BBC’s £27m fundraiser [LINK]

LINK: Captain Tom Moore ‘doesn’t feel famous’ despite raising more than £28m for NHS’ fight against coronavirus [LINK]

On twitter most people thought the Big Night In was junk. Of course some who like to virtue signal at every opportunity said it was good.

So we had lots of extremely rich so called celebrates, who are probably gutted that Captain Tom Moore is being in the news and they are not, went on the BBC to raise money.

The BBC reports it raised £27 million. One suspects that these celebrities combined will earn more than that each year.

Interestingly even with the BBC publicity and each so called celebratory promoting the event, the show seems to have raised less money than Captain Tom Moore has.

Perhaps this is the reason the story (as I write this) has been hidden away on the BBC website, rather than on the front.