Coronavirus: Are people going to use the NHS Contact tracing app?

Coronavirus: Contact tracing app to be trialled on Isle of Wight [LINK]

Considering that every-time a new law has been introduced, it seems to end up within days of being abused by councils and so on [LINK] and the fact we get fines all the time for almost anything, including going for a walk [LINK], means I will not be putting such an app on my phone.

Why would I add this app, to only find it will be used to fine me later?

And will people end up being allowed out ONLY if they have this app on your phone?

One suspects we will be told that the app is for our own good.

At first it will be volenterary but one wonders if you will be forced to have it, if you want to go into a supermarket for instance. Will the staff at the door stop you from entering, if you do not have the app on your phone. Will businesses ONLY be allowed to open up if they agree that people (staff and customers) all have the app on there phone?

It reminds me of the photo driving licence. I often hear UK police ask drivers if they have there licence on them, as if it is the law in the UK to have ID with you at all times.

We seem to be getting made to have ID and tracking, via the back door, rather than directly.

Money now seems to be almost gone, and so a fully electronic system will soon be the norm.

Most shops now refuse money.

How long before cash machines vanish, the same way as pay phones have gone, as soon no one will use them.

The interesting thing will be, is how will such as drug dealers operate, in a cashless system. One presumes that they will claim to be a mobile car wash business, to avoid suspicion when they get regular payments via a mobile payment system.

This NHS phone app, will be ideal for police to fine people for speeding, as it will know what road you are on, and the speed you are going. No need for speed cameras and the cost of running them.

This ‘New Normal’ will be in place long after the Coronavirus has become no more than a forgotten memory. People are so in fear now [LINK], that people will be happy to go along with anything. And they will bully others too to believe this is how we should live.

The happy clapping of the NHS on a Thursday, seems less about supporting the NHS, but more about indoctoring the public into complying with a new system [LINK]. If you do not clap or support the system, then you are (we are told by the media) evil.

It reminds me of the film ‘Quatermass and the Pit’, where we see an image of Mars, where those that do not comply with the rules are instantly killed by the other Mars creatures. Yet, we have become like this on such as Twitter, where if you do not comply by peoples rules, you are subjected to full scale abuse (often by those who are regarded to being on the left).

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