Coronavirus: A lot of people want the lock-down hoping it will bring in socialism

A lot of people want the lock-down hoping it will bring in socialism

One huge danger of those demanding the lock-down, is that many are hoping this will crush the economy so much, that we turn to socialism/communism.

I have read lots of posts on Twitter and chatted to many. And rather than the conversation talk about looking after vulnerable and saving lives, they soon bring up socialism and the hope we will turn to Labour or Communism.

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It is always interesting to note that socialism/communism and indeed Labour supporters tend to be (if not always) middle class and not working class.

The belief seems to be that working class are rather stupid, and need the middle classes to look after them.

The working class seem to be no more than a charity for the middle class to come save.

This starts from paying teen working class girls to have babies, as more babies they have the more they get paid, and also they get houses with having babies. They are then dumped into grotty damp flats, where they struggle. But this gives great joy to the middle classes as they can set up ‘food banks’, and then can say who they (the middle class) feel is most deserving for food. Then the middle classes can go on twitter and inform the world how saint like they are because they are giving up ten minutes to help feed these poor working class families.

But if any of these working class girls dare break rank and earn good money, say from doing porn. The middle classes fume in anger. How dare they, they scream. Feminists (who are almost if not, all middle class, and most seem to be white) will stand outside strip clubs and so on to get them shut down, and make these girls loose there jobs.

How disgusting they will point out, that these working class women dare earn the same if not more than us middle class women. Why, they may even move next door to us. And we cannot have that. Go back to serving us at the supermarket, as those are the jobs we are happy for you to have. Jobs where you serve us, the middle class. Know your place working class people.

In a lot of times, these middle classes will tell me (on Twitter chats and so on) how there version of socialism/communism is correct and different to all the other versions that have been tried. There version will be nice and not controlling, while at the same time they will demand people are removed from Twitter/Facebook, and demand they do not have a voice at universities.

But the problem with socialism/communism is everybody has there own ideal version, and it tends not to match any other persons version of socialism/communism. We see this with the UK Labour party’s supporters and indeed many of its MP’s, where we see huge disagreements with each other. You can never have a socialism/communism system that everybody will want.

It is worth noting that if Labour supporters and Labour MP’s cannot agree with the way things should go, then, how can they expect the rest of the country to also want that version.

It is also worth noting that what Labour thinks is its great strength, and that is having lots and lots and lots of meetings up and down the country to decide anything, is also its greatest weakness. An example was the anti-Semitism row. In reality this could have been sorted out in ten minutes, however because the Labour system seems to be to have meeting after meeting as this in there minds is far more democratic, it dragged out for years.

One wonders what they would do if a meteor was about to hit the UK. Would they have lots of meetings to chat about what needs to be done, while it crashes into England? Most meetings would be to decide on the name to call the meteor, and if it should be male or female or non binary as they would not wish to offend anyone.

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