Coronavirus: 129 confirmed cases in my area – 31st March 2020

Today it states we have 129 confirmed cases in my area, it was 113 on the 30th March 2020 [LINK].

Just to point out it also states that ‘Not all those with the virus will have been tested’. So one presumes they are ‘presumed’ to have it, so in act it may be less than 129 cases.

It could also be thousands in my area have had it in the last week or so, and had such mild symptoms, that they did not notice, yet are staying inside, living in fear, believing that they are moments from death.

Some will say, but that shows the lock-down is working. As I have pointed out, a coincidence is no evidence [LINK]. Not to mention the police are clearly mixing with the public [LINK].

I am not even sure if we have had any deaths in my area.

I shall keep saying it, but one wonders how many elderly will die from lack of exercise from isolation, not to mention how many people will die from not seeing a doctor when they are ill. If you believe you have early signs of cancer, I do hope you get seen, as by the sounds of it, this will be far harder, and many will probably give up.

Sadly this lock-down seem to be pushing people to kill themselves [LINK].

As I have stated from the start, all they needed to do was isolate the vulnerable, let the healthy get the virus, and within a few weeks, it should have burnt out. People could have carried on working, and not lost jobs and businesses, and avoided crashing the economy.

And at what point will we lift the lock-down? Do you think it is when we see no more cases in the UK? Well what would be the point of that as if a single country in the world has it, it could re-spread back to the UK again. Indeed airports still seem to have flights in and out of the UK.

Will people not see there elderly parents in the flesh for 12 weeks, or even longer? How many elderly will die without seeing there children in the flesh. How many people will feel huge guilt at not contacting there family if they die.

When I walk my dogs I see elderly out, who say, they believe they will live far longer going out, than staying inside, and dying from lack of movement.

And after the virus, what will life be like? The USA Fed is stating things could be worse than the great depression [LINK]. If this is the case, will life even be worth living if things get that bad?