Coronavirus: 113 confirmed cases in my area – 30th March 2020

The BBC website states that only 113 confirmed cases in my area (30th March 2020).

You can check your area on the BBC site [LINK].

It also states that ‘Not all those with the virus will have been tested’. So one presumes they are ‘presumed’ to have it, so in act it may be less than 113 cases.

This is cases, and not deaths.

Not many is it?

At the same time one wonders how many will become ill and die from other illnesses. How many with mental health will suffer from not getting regular health services.

The site also states that ‘Those who died were aged between 39 and 105 years old, and all but four had underlying health conditions.’ One suspects that the other 4 may have had health problems that have not been detected. Yet we are told by many over excited doctors who go on TV, that many cases of healthy people have died from the virus. That clearly does not seem to be the case, and is simply feeding people fear.

One also has to conclude that some of these people who have died, would have died from getting a cold or the flu if they were of an unhealthy situation.

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