Cleaning up a vandalized building shows you do not care about #BlackLivesMatter

The women who is complaining seems to think only her view and life matters.

This is a public area that is for all.

By believing that a certain group has the right to vandalize a building and have it kept there, then she is raciest.

If you believe that there is white privilege then your a fool.

There is white privilege, and that is the privilege to take full responsibility for your actions. Being white, one has fewer excuses. If your black, or indeed any minority group, you have the freedom to always play the victim card. It means you do not need to try or succeed at anything as you can simply say your a victim all the time.

If your white, you cannot play the victim card with such ease, and so you have to work hard to achieve your aims.

So perhaps that is the privilege being white has.

Of course, even white people can be a minority. a few years ago, I worked with an incompetent fat white women, who was in fact breaking the law in what she was doing at work, because she was so useless. She played the ‘fat’ card, so she could not be sacked.

But what is this (I presume) black lady wanting? Does she want people to walk past this vandalism, and have people look, and think to themselves, ‘how shameful’, and presume that all black people are criminals? It seems a rather odd thing to want.

In fact one wonders why she did not go over herself and clean the mess up out of shame, rather than have pride in the fact that her area has been made to look a mess.

Perhaps she wants the area she lives in to decay, and the buildings she uses fall down.

Or perhaps she is embarrassed by the fact that these 3 young women are cleaning up the mess, that protesters have left.

At the end of the day those 3 young ladies look like people you would want to employ. I do not think I would want to employ the person who is moaning.

Perhaps the lady who is moaning will later wonder why some people will have negative views towards the black community.

You see, if you want people to view the black community in a good way, being seen to riot, beat people up, loot, and act in a scary way, possibly is not the way to achieve such aims.

Perhaps if this lady helped clean up with the 3 girls, people may be less hostile towards the black community.

But heck, what do I know. Perhaps smashing up the area you live in. Burning shops owned by other black people. Perhaps this will make the USA not raciest. I am probably too stupid to see this as the wrong way.

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