CHAZ – The new left wing country inside the USA

CHAZ – The new left wing country inside the USA

See also: Welcome to Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) [LINK]

I so love CHAZ.

In case you have missed it CHAZ is a country set up inside the USA by left wing people.

A few beliefs of the left wing:

  • It was wrong to go to the (what is now known as the) USA and take the land from the people.
  • Police are bad
  • Building walls are bad
  • Guns are bad
  • People should be free to enter a country
  • Police abuse is bad
  • Assaulting people is bad
  • Border patrols are bad
  • Removing people by force from a country is bad
  • Pinning people down so they cannot breath is bad
  • Love for all

So clearly this new country will be heaven and we will not see anything but great stuff and free of all the bad stuff they have pointed out people have done in the USA.

So these good left wing people went out and took over land that others are living on, but that is nothing like those who took land from the native Indians (or whatever the correct name is for these people today).

Next they built a wall around the new country and placed armed Border patrols all over.

Inside they created there own armed police and assaulted one of the new citizens of CHAZ, and I think removed him out of CHAZ.

Later a street preacher was jumped on, so he could not breath, then escorted out, as he was tried by the mob.

The latest news seems to be someone has had his or her laptop, money and a few other things stolen while he/she had left his/her tent. But these are not stolen apparently, as all property is theft and no one owes anything, these items were shared among the good people of CHAZ.

It is not clear if the name CHAZ will stay as it was not voted on.

I do hope they do not close CHAZ down as this is better than any TV show.

The fact that within a few days have done almost everything that they have stated is wrong and they are against is hysterical.

The fact that they are so stupid not to have noticed the irony of assaulting people within CHAZ is fantastic.

You should go to Twitter and follow @JackPosobiec for the latest CHAZ news and vids. The vids are hysterical.

The place is full of left wing people who seem to be walking around like zombies, some with masks on. A lot of the place looks badly spay painted. Others just shout how angry they are at others who are living at CHAZ because they do not have the same ideology.

The garden/farm they have does not look like it will feed one person for a day, nor mind the population of CHAZ for a year. That is if the plants will grow as they look to have been thrown on some soil.

Most people of CHAZ seem to have no idea what they are doing. Most probably were playing Xbox games a few days ago.

It looks like they had a tiny fire (probably someone set fire to something). So residents of CHAZ ran around screaming and shouting till it got put out, then congratulated each other ‘well done guys’ as if this had been a major issue. a ten year old on his or her own would have put it out quicker.

See also this Reddit group: r/CapHillAutonomousZone

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