Caroline Criado Perez on the Jeremy Vine show [6th March 2020]

Caroline Criado Perez was on the Jeremy Vine show [6th March 2020].

I believe she has written a book that seems to suggest that women are victims of men in the world.

An example is seat belts where I believe she states they are based on a 6 foot tall man and so as women are shorter, they are more likely to find seat belts do not work as well for them. She gave other examples too which seem to be about men being six foot.

I am myself 5 foot 8, and so not 6 foot. I say this as her conclusion, is wrong. If such as seat-belts are made to work best for people six foot, it would mean than any persons (not just female) are going to be at a disadvantage.

“Women are 47% more likely to be injured and 17% more likely to die in a crash.”

The problem with this statement, is one presumes that this is her own interpretation of the stats, rather than having a university study conclude that seat-belt design was a factor.