Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) not going too well

I do not understand.

Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) should be gpoing great [LINK] as this is the socialist idea of how things should be.

They set this up to prove to the rest of us that such a country could work, and how happy everybody will be.

No need for police.

Just this new system.

And yet, things seem to have already gone belly up.

I cannot understand it folks.

It is as if this system could not work.

As a chap on twitter suggested, will the excuse it fails be “It wasn’t real communism”.

I still have not seen any UK Labour MP say hey are going out to this new country or this looks like a great place to live. Nor any TV or film stars, who up to now have been backing these protests and so you would think they would be living there now.

How can you back these protests and then not be moving to this new country?

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