BritBox is not doing well

It is reported that BritBox has 380,000 estimated to be paying £5.99 a month for BBC and ITV’s streaming service.


In truth I am surprised they have even this many, BritBox as I do not think this service has been promoted very well.

But it is an odd service. By the sounds of it, they have only shows that do not offend. So anyone who loves comedy, will probably find shows they once loved, not on this service.

On top of this it looks to be just a lot of old shows that we have all seen. Those who love a certain show will probably have it on DVD anyway.

So if I was going to join a service, would it be to one with brand new shows I have not seen before, with often huge budgets, or one that is full of shows I have seen, but with the good shows removed in order not to upset the woke community.

Even if this service was free, I am not sure I would look at it much.

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