Boris Johnson will have many agree with him

Before I start, I am not a Conservative (I would vote the Green party), nor do I think Boris Johnson is great. In truth I think he is not as wonderful as people thought he would be. And I believe his sister and brother and his farther are far more academic than he is.

However, having said that, I am going to talk about something that has popped into the news in the last day or so.

Labour, because they are doing badly. Probably does not help the fact that they decided to give many well off women up to 33k as the rules changed on retirement (and yes, the money could do so much good rather than helping pay for peoples second homes). Labour and Labour supporters are trying to rake up anything to try to make the Conservative party look bad (they would have probably won if they had made Chuka Umunna leader).

So they have found an article from 1995, where apparently (I have not read it so I am not 100% sure what it states) Boris Johnson talks about bad fathers and single months.

Oh and how some middle class are offended on behalf of the working class.

Indeed we have an article where a nice middle class lady states she had a child, and she was a single mother, and how it turned out well and how she is offended. And on and on [LINK].

But for a lot of my life I was brought up by a single parent (in my case my Nan). But am I offended by this article? No.

The belief that there are men who are a waste of space, and get girls pregnant, then move on, is a belief that many working class (and middle class people) have.

However, the belief is a fact. Pretending that it is not, will not make the fact go away.

It is often dismissed by Labour MP’s on such as Question Time when introduced as a subject. Rather than admit to it, they will give some relevant story that person X was a single parent and the child went to Oxford.

However, decent people are not what people are talking about, it is the scumbags.

And I know these people myself.

And I know a lot of single working class mothers who also are disgusted by such men and the way they get girls pregnant and then get housing and lots of benefits. In fact this is something many working class people in the UK are disgusted by.

This shows are distance Labour is, from the working class. Labour over and over, demonstrate they are middle class who look down upon the working class, and say what they think and do. One suspects most Labour MP’s presume the working class walk around with flat caps and look like Andy Capp.

But let me give you an example of such a situation. One girl I know, has children to two men. This (and she boasts about this) got her a council house plus benefits. Most of her family live this life. In reality the government has provided them with a job to have children. As such, she is trapped into the benefits system. Working is pointless.

Her son, started doing drugs at age 15 and being a thug. Getting in fights and so on. Police doing nothing except having the odd word.

Age 18 he gets the first girl pregnant. Although a bright girl, who could have done well, now becomes trapped into the benefits system. And now has a flat.

Less than a year later, the boy moves on, and gets another girl pregnant. They get a flat. More people trapped into the benefits system.

At this stage the mother who is now aged about 45, and smokes, becomes overweight. Her health deteriorated. But this is good news for her as she gets more benefits. It becomes in her interest to become ill. She, like many others is now rewarded for becoming unhealthy.

A year later the boy is in prison for beating his girlfriend up. Costing a lot of money in the court/legal process as well as keeping him in prison.

This is why when people see socialism as a good thing, I see it simply as a way to keep the poor, trapped in a benefits system, that is hard to get out of.

Yet the happy clapping, left wing, middle class, see this as a great thing. Often because they see the working class as no more than a project, they can write about in there next exam paper at university.

This system, has created a huge gap in society. On one side you have a middle class working people. Often they will stay at home until they can get a deposit on renting a house or buying a house. Then on the other, you have an underclass that is trapped in benefits, and has children in order to get council houses, and who’s children will expect to get a council house as soon as they leave home, and see no reason to work.

Of course a lot of people in council houses are working, and some are middle class.

The problem is, rather than examining the situation, many will simply focus on the semantics.

A bit like the ‘post box’ clumsy remark made by Boris Johnson. People choose to talk about the semantics rather than the fact he stated women should wear such clothes even though it looks silly. And indeed it is an item of clothing (niqab), and not as some claim part of the Muslim faith. Very few Muslim women wear it, and many have rejected it when forced to wear it. If a women (or indeed a man) wishes to wear a niqab, they have the right to. But as the same time, they should not expect people to respect it, though at the same time people should not abuse them for wearing this (or indeed any item of clothing).

Though, I dislike the use of the ‘post box’ reference, I also note that at very least Boris Johnson is speaking to (and not down to) people, and defending women’s rights to wear the niqab. Is this not better than such as Labour’s Emily Thornberry who stated she did not want her family looked after by someone in a burka [LINK]? Indeed most people are not bothered by the berka as you can see the persons face, but many feel uneasy with the niqab as it covers the face. I would suggest that Boris Johnson statement, is for more pro the right of women to wear such clothes than Emily Thornberry’s statement.