BluePeter are stating these riots are because of racism.

Has there been any evidence the criminal named George Floyd who was killed by a policeman was killed because of racism.

I state killed as the policeman has been arrested, and so until he is convicted I will not for legal reasons state any more.

The fact George Floyd was black does not mean he was killed because he was black. Until we have evidence that he was killed because he was black, can one claim the policeman did this due to race.

We know the policeman was married to a non white lady, which, I would presume a racist would only marry the same race.

Also the other 3 police I believe were also non white.

One should also consider that black lives matter seems to be left wing, and much of what we are seeing appears to be left wing politically motivated.

On top of this, we are seeing that in the USA many black businesses how been wrecked by other black people, not to mention the deaths and black police being hurt or indeed killed by black protesters.

I keep hearing (as on this vid) people saying we must educate ourselves. However this seems to be no more than a case of we need to educate ourselves on left wing ideology.

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