Billie Eilish Strips On Stage

Maxim reports that Billie Eilish striped on stage.

And we get the usual rubbish that she ‘made a strong statement against body shaming during her concert tour kickoff In Miami this week.’

Of course we have to pretend that this is arty or some other rubbish, and this it seems is what she is claiming.

It is tosh that this is body shaming, as because of her fame, most magazines would pay her big bucks to pose nude for them.

She seems to have an average body type.

Is it me, or are you also a bit fed up with people who want to go nude, or as in this case in her bra, not just doing it, but having to make out that when they do it, it is a ‘statement’, and ’empowering’.

Also, I have listen to a few of her songs, some are OK, but that James Bond song was dull as dishwater. Then again the new James Bond film sounds like it is going to suck, so who cares.

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And yes, people will be talking about this stunt for the next few days, which is what I suspect she had planned.

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