Belly Mujinga has become the face of the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK

Belly Mujinga: Protesters ‘defending my wife’s cause’ says husband [LINK]

Presuming that the story is true that Belly Mujinga was spat on, it does not mean that is how she got Covid-19. It is no, more than a presumption, or indeed a coincidence, as she could have got it from the many passengers she had met each day, or indeed from someone when out shopping.

Having Belly Mujinga as the ‘face’ of the black lives matter in the UK, shows that the UK clearly does not have a race problem, for no one (I believe) has stated she was spat on (if she was spat on) for being black. As we have seen we have had a lot of people angry at staff and police for being messed around with because of the virus.

This seems to be no more than to try to feed the black community in the UK that they have more risk’s to life than in fact they have.

We have had weeks of this black lives matter protests, yet, the only example these protesters have of any black abuse in the UK, is someone who was not killed for being black.

We are being told over and over that if your black in the UK, you are treat differently, yet no one seems to provide examples.

It is also most interesting that the bulk of those who are claiming the UK is raciest and also informing us that this and that is raciest, tend to be from while middle class people, who, until this because trendy a week or two ago, had never mentioned all these things being raciest.

It is interesting that today Royal honour showing an angel standing on the neck of Satan gets slammed for ‘looking like George Floyd killing’ is now racist [LINK]. However those who claim it racist today, seem to have no problems about it a few weeks ago. In other words it seems people are finding it racist today to be part of the crowed, rather than have any true feelings on the matter. If you find it offensive and have posted about it being racists, then can you show me your posts about it a few weeks ago, or are you (as one suspects) jumping on the latest thing in the hope it will make you look slightly clever, when in fact we see you for the opportunist twit you are.

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