Austerity has nothing to do with life expectancy

A report has come out that I believe suggests Austerity has reduced life expectancy [LINK].

A few days ago, on BBC1’s Question Time [27th February 2020], Labour’s shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth, was on, being his usual, complaint that the Conservatives have made lives worse with Austerity. He did what seems to be his usual thing, and that was to tell the middle class audience that the Conservatives are harming the working class. And he did that in his typically, slimy worded manner that he has.

One has observed that Labour is mainly a middle class organisation that has a fundamental belief that they know what is best for the working class and that the working class are a charity to play with. On one hand many Labour MP’s will send there children to private schools, while on the other hand informing us how the working class should only have the right to send there children to state schools. And at the same time, never talking to the working class but viewing any opinions they may have as racist and uninformed rubbish.

So the BBC1’s Question Time audience lapped up the idea that they could go forth and save the working class, who they are told are living in some sort of poverty that Charles Dickens would have written about.

However, what has Austerity got to do with a persons life expectancy?

Lets put it this way. Yesterday evening I was walking home. I past a bus stop where a women was stood. She was overweight, and smoking. One presumes she had finished work, and was on her way home. One would suggest she would also be considered working class. She looked about 30, though, I am often rather poor on guessing someones age.

The point being is that she has chosen to smoke, get fat, and probably has little exercise. Indeed on BBC1’s Question Time someone in the audience pointed this out.

But to the left, this will not matter, as they seem to believe they have to save the ‘stupid working class, often by throwing cash/benefits at them.

But is more and more benefits the answer?

Over the years, I have noticed that benefits in the long term simply harm people and trap them.

For instance, if we were to take the lady I walked past, she may find that due to her size, her health reduces. As such she may end up on disability benefits, and one would expect her mental health to decline too, as she becomes depressed due to her situation. I have witnessed several friends in this situation. They have no choice but to stay on benefits. If at age 40 they were to come off benefits, they would find it hard to find employment, and may be forced to start at the bottom, while at the same time, there friends may have worked there way up to well paid jobs. Instead they are now incentivised to become more ill, in order to get more and more benefits. As such the state pays people to become ill.

In this regards, a left wing ideology simply brings harm to thousands of mainly working class people.

The unhealthy lifestyle many have is not due to poverty. Put simply, it is expensive to be unhealthy. You have to have a decent amount of money to afford, drink, cigarettes, and junk food. In reality the poor, have no option to eat fresh food, cycle or walk, and not smoke.

In truth people know smoking and having a diet of junk food is bad, but they have made that choice. And yes, it means that life expectancy is not as long for some as it was.

It is probably true that one reason people smoke, eat junk food, do little exercise, take drugs and so on, is down to mental health problems. One could suggest that many people who become unemployed show signs of depression. One can often see early stages when people sleep during the day, then self medicate with drink and junk food to temporary cheer themselves up, or/and give them a temporary energy boost.

They become entrapped into a benefits system that they end up depending on, and almost impossible to escape, especially the longer they remain trapped within.

Perhaps too, the NHS becomes an incentive not to become healthy, as they know, even if they become ill, the NHS will fix them. If we had no NHS or even for that matter any sort of health service, one would presume people would become healthy, simply out of fear of becoming ill.

Yet those on the left care very little about this, as they enjoy the belief that they are helping others by supporting such benefits systems. This becomes more about making the middle class, happy clapping, left wing people feel better about themselves, rather than helping others. It would seem to be an off-shot of Christianity, where people enjoy feeling smug about being seen to help others.

It is not the only harm benefits inflicted upon the working class. Many working class girls, rather than get a good education and a good job, are paid to get pregnant. The more babies they have the more benefits they get. It does not matter if they even want to have children or not. They are rewarded with free houses. It is little wonder that many women are trapped into sch a life. Often they have little family support, and lucky if the farther is ever seen again. Often one finds, the children end up repeating this lifestyle, seeing no requirement for education.

However many on the left (who have never met anyone working class) will tell you, no one gets pregnant or keeps having children for benefits. And so, they smugly sit, believing they are saving the world, rather than helping bring harm to people.

So, no, I do not believe Austerity has reduced life expectancy to people, I believe it is due more to the benefits system trapping people, making them depressed and paying them to become even more ill.

Just to finish, when the left talk about poverty, it is often ‘relative poverty’. I wrote about this a few weeks ago [LINK].

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