My friend contacted Barclays today. Well, he was phoned as he has been phoning Barclays business since Monday (it is now Thursday), and had to keep leaving messages to phone back.

He was told basically Barclays that they would not increase his personal overdraft, and would check his credit rating for his business. His credit rating is poor, so he said thank you for wasting my time.

In reality he was only after a small amount, and as his business is still bringing money in, but a lot less than he was. He just needed to make sure he could cover a few bills. He has had to now lay off some staff as he will find it hard to pay them and cover his bills.

The reality is, is that, others may have a perfect credit rating, but will now find it hard to ever pay back even a small loan and go bust as the types of business they are in, will unlikely recover for months.

What he and many people need is an automatic increase in overdrafts. Banks need to give people an extra amount automatically.

No charges for direct debits not being paid.

Credit ratings need to be scrapped, as they are no longer relevant now. By this I mean, many businesses and people will face the prospect of not paying bills and so will get a poor credit rating. Such ratings will have less and less reliance on if a person has a good business or not.

Debt collecting agencies need to be stopped for six months at least going after people for bad debts. After all, if they have no cash a few months ago, they certainly will not now. We need the money going back into the system, and not to pay off old debts.