Are those who see race all the time the real racists?

Race (human categorization)

Is there such thing as a race?

This race categorization comes from a 17th century belief, that comes from a time people thought everybody as being different. Most of these beliefs have faded away, such as measuring someones scull for intelligence and so on.

Today, one suspects people refer to someones race on the basis of color tone or/and country they are from, and sometimes what religion they are linked to.

If you believe in the ideology that we are different races, then what race are you, as clearly you will have a name for your race. For instance if you claim a black American is a race, what race is he. Is he for instance the same race as a say a black man in Zambia, and the same as a black man from India? Is he still part of this race if it is found he has DNA that shows he has some family members from the past who are white?

What race is someone white from the UK who has probably got DNA from people over the world from the amount of times, the UK has been invaded and those who invaded (one suspects) will have had rumpy pumpy with the locals. Can one even claim to be white if it turns out you have DNA from a Roman Solder who could have come from any part of the world?

Is the notion of race therefore racist in itself?

We see those (often on the left) see race all the time and accuse others of being racists. But are they not the real racists for seeing people as different all the time?

How often do we see white middle class left wing, who feel they need to peak for the black community. They seem to believe that they are better than those of the black community, and must (one presumes) believe the black community have no voice.

But so too, we see those of the black community, who see everything as racists. It is true that some police will target members of the black community, because of the color of there skin. But not all police contact is racist. I have been stopped many times by police to see if I am insured (I have paperwork to prove this if anyone claims this not to be true), and so have my white friends.

I watch a shot clip of a white woman sat next to a black man and it asked several questions to see if you were a victim of race abuse. I think I too and so did my white friends say yes to most (if not all) the questions.

One question was, has someone walked across the street to avoid me, and yes they have (I mean before the virus as everybody now walks across the road as you get near them).

The problem is, if you see yourself as a victim, you become a victim, and you end up trapped in the belief you are a victim. It becomes rather difficult to them move forward as you will believe your always going to be held back because of factors such as color of your skin.

So you end up with everything about you being a victim of your color. So if you send a book in to a publisher, and it was not very good and gets rejected, you end up believing it is down to the color of your skin rather than the fact the book was not very good.

This then leads onto society feeling they need to prove they are not racist, by simply treating you differently. Rather than having a normal conversation, so often I see these who are white who are talking to a black person, having to constantly be thinking if what they say is offensive, and often over compensating by trying to always be giving examples on how they are not racist (if that makes sense). What I mean by this is they will often throw into the conversation examples of how non raciest they are by saying things such as Bob Marley was great, as well as putting rap music on in the car.

In the more extreme cases we often see people (often white middle class women) wear African clothes or Indian clothes (ethnic clothes) to show how correct they are, as they are conscious of seeing others as different, in order to show they are not racists. In the same way they will buy ‘ethnic’ bits to put in there house, to show people they are far from being racists.

In today’s world, those who view everybody as a race, especially white middle class people, will publicly get on a knee and beg for forgiveness to the black community to prove how least racist they are. Yet would they ever dream of doing the same to another white person? Of course not, but they clearly view the black community with such content, that rather that taking to them as an equal, they appear to view them as prehistoric, and they treat them as you would if you came across someone who was a cave man, by making offerings in this way. Indeed, I have seen tweets from some in the black community horrified by people treating them in such a way.

And so too we see left wing people in power, who, rather than see the black community as equals, see them as so weak, that they will grant them privileges. Rather than give the black community the same equal rights as everbody else, they will offer jobs to members of the black community (as an example). If a white person does this, they presumably see the black community as less than those of the white community, and one can only presume they are racist.

Even worse are councils in the UK, who seem to belive they know what offends people of color or of a religion, by having to ban things at such as Chritmass [LINK] in case it creates offence, when no one has probably complained, and one suspect no one is offended. Yet one can only presume that these council people view other persons from the black or Asian community or indeed from other religions, as stupid and weak, they jump to these conclusions.

And at the same time, how often do we see those who scream racist at others, will see everything as a race issue. For example if someone says something negative about Meghan Markle then they will be deemed racist, as apparently Meghan Markle is a black lady (I did not know until I read she was recently).

Many who scream people are racist, seem to spend most of there time obsessed in viewing everybody as different and placing them ion boxes.

at the end of the day, what the black lives matter protests have done, along with the media, is (as well as create hate and division with the riots) is to inform us to see color, and to be conscious of color and to actively treat people of color differently. It is also a certain color too, as we have seen very little of any talk about people from any other background. I do not think I spotted anyone who was from the Asian background on these protests (but there may have been). The only person I have seen on the TV or any media from an Asian background talking about race is Priti Patel who had to defend herself from the Labour person in parliament.

The question is, do you want equality and everybody treat the same. And if you do, then you need to treat everybody the same, rather than advertising jobs to such as black only or female only candidates, just to fill a quota. It helps no one to give a job to someone because of there skin. It simply angers people and those who get such jobs, have no or little respect as people know they did not get the job on ability. and it means that if someone who is black got a job on merit, for a job that did not advertise for black applicants, people may presume it was a black candidate role job, and still not respect them (if that makes sense).

By the way, sacking someone for saying he is not privileged, is only going to anger people rather than bring people together. Is it not also offensive to sack someone for simply having a different opinion to those that called in the show. If you are black, are you not offended? If not angry that people see you so weak that you cannot cope with a different viewpoint. I have often found radio presenters say things I do not agree with, but I can cope with discussion, and do not demand sacking.

Talk show DJ (Stuart Peters) is suspended for saying he’s not ‘white and privileged’ during on-air debate about Black Lives Matter [LINK].