Another ‘women are victims’ campaign

Women are weak and rubbish and need protecting. Well that is the message they get all the time from the left wing feminists.

In this campaign women are told they are getting passed on because of there age in TV and film work.

Boo Hoo.

TV and film is a life choice and a privilege one.

Chances are I would not get a part in TV or films as I am far too ugly. Am I demanding that ugly people like me should be treat the same as attractive people?

Boo Hoo, I made lots of money in TV and/or films, and now I cannot get any more work.

Guess what, if you get the work it means someone else does not.

I have a suggestion, write your own script, and put yourself in it.

Actors are so up themselves.

The problem with many actors it would seem is that they think they are so important.

Look at all the male comedians from the 70’s and 80’s, many are no longer on TV. That is how the entertainment business works.

But if your an older actor who cannot get work, why not ask one of your younger actors to step down for you so you can have her place. You know, because you all support each other and hug each other. Of course she will not. Just the same as you would not.

I thought ‘Call The Midwives’ or whatever it is called has women of all ages in it? I have no idea as I have never seen that drivel.

Did ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ not have women of age in it? Yes it did, but they were also very talented and entertaining.

The problem too is that those who moan that they cannot get parts now, may find, it simply because they are just not that great.

One suspects those who moan they do not get the work, are possibly believing they are more popular and more talented than they are in fact.

Lets put it this way, I adore Margaret Rutherford, and she is in most films very elderly. The moment she comes on screen, she takes the show as her own. Now if your an actress as good as her today, I am sure you would get so many offers for work, you will have to turn them down.

June Whitfield who sadly died in 2018, was in my mind one of the greatest actress of all time. I can watch and listen to her in everything she is in. Over and over. I cannot imagine she was ever without offers of work.

This is the entertainment business. This is not a charity.

In the same way, pop people from the 80’s are not moaning as they are not getting number one hits today.

One suspects that all those who are moaning about not getting work, would when they were 18 done whatever they could have to get a part, and that may have meant shoving someone older out of the way for the part.

By the way, I am not ageist, so if your an actress, and want to do a few nude shoots for my site, get in contact.

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