All TV and films with black actors are racist and should be removed

Gavin and Stacey becomes the latest series to be dragged into a race row as viewers demand its removal from TV schedules [LINK]

I cannot stand the Gavin and Stacey show, so I am not too bothered if it is removed, though rather amusing is the fact that twit James Corden was virtue signaling a few days ago how he was ever so right on with the black lives matter ideology, only to be bitten by it. It is the first time he has made me chuckle.

As you go down the book burning Nazi ideology, the logic becomes to remove all shows that show black people in any form of negative way.

An example is Star Trek. Nyota Uhura may be the ships Communications Officer, and you may say, but that is a positive role. But no, clearly she is a babe and thus a fantasy model, that white men will see sexy. In today’s Nazi world, such imagery is clearly degrading to the black community, and the show needs to be removed.

Fresh Prince Of Bell Air. Carlton Banks loved to listen to a white singer. Hilary Banks was a babe, but also played a bimbo. Jazz came across as a bit dopey. These characters are clearly degrading to the black community.

But we cannot stop at removing shows that could be seen as degrading to the black community, as that would be wrong. We need to remove shows that degrade others too.

The Sopranos gave a negative image of the American Italian community. This needs banning.

And so you can go on and on.

The conclusion of this nonsense is that any black actor should be seen as degrading him or herself as no more than entertainers to white people. And thus, no black actor or comedian or indeed anyone who is black or indeed any race, should not be on TV or films. In other words if you go down this line of banning TV shows and films, the only option you have is 100% white only actors and comedians.

And before you think what I have stated is nonsense, do not forget we have had black lives matter already state black people should only use black businesses [LINK].

Indeed, one suspects the aim of black lives matter and the other left wing organisations involved, is to create hatred and division, rather than stop racism.

One questions why TV stations are complying with this Nazi ideology. One suspects it is fear. Fear they will get a huge amount of abuse. And simpler to comply with mob demands however ridiculous.