Alien Covenant (2017) – A good idea but a poor script

Alien Covenant (2017) – A good idea but a poor script

Although this came out in 2017, I have just watched the film in the last few days.

I did not mind this film, and I am enjoying the back story.

However, this film was let down by a poor script and some bugs.

JCB Adverts

The JCB product placement was way too much for me. It felt that this film at the end was just a big advert for JCB. This spoilt the film, as I felt this was an advert.


They state that the place has corn. Did it come from earth, or did the Engineers bring corn to earth, or did the corn develop on both planets? Why did native plants not take over, as no one could have planted it for a year or so, unless David did, as all the humans had been killed.

This is probably not the engineers planet as the aliens look different to the engineers. This is probably another earth made by the engineers. Perhaps these people are how the engineers wanted people on earth to live. Probably as people who may worship the engeneras and not fight, or do anything much, except grow food. A bit of a hippy culture.

Crash after he drops the bombs

David manages to land the craft in the docking thing, then lets the bombs drop. So why is the craft then crashed a mile or so from where he dropped the bombs. Why did he not just leave it where it was and come down.

How did she rebuild David?

Where did she get the tools and spare parts from?

Tennessee Faris’s wife dies and he does not ask how

Tennessee Faris is told your wife is dead. He does not even bother to ask how or why. He simply seems to say OK. I would have some interest in how she had died.

When they land no explanation where the radio signal came from?

It is presumed it must be from the crashed craft. But no one seems to question why the radio signal was sent.

Where are the ‘dogs’ (scanners)?

In Prometheus, they had some drone like things that could scan the area. So why dd they not have or use them? urly it would have saved a lot of problems to have scanned the area with such devices, rather than leave the ship and land on a planet.

Why would david have the ability to grow hair?

What point would this ability have?

Why have a gravestone when he has her body?

This seemed rather pointless. As he is devoid of religion, would he see any reason for a gravestone?

Why does the ship not get any power from its huge engines?

I presume the main ship had fuel to power the engines. If so, why rely on the solar sails for the power for the ship, as it these failed to work, it would mean the ship has no power.

How did david make those egg things and know to make them?

At the end of the film, david has two replacement egg things, he has made.

Why would he have made them?

How did he make them, as he does not seem to have access to any fancy equipment.

Why dd they not question all the dead bodies or explore the alien city?

They just walk past all the dead, as if t was a walk in the park. And no one seems to want to explore the alien buildings.

How are the plants still alive, with no birds or insects or any animals?

Would the plants have not found it hard to re-seed, and start to have died?

Would the oxygen level be too high, as no animals to produce carbon back into the air.

Why does david make life and not an android?

Would David not see androids being the next stage in evolution, rather than make a life that can die.

Androids can build more and more androids, and live with no oxygen, while, once his ‘creation’ has eaten everything, it then has no option to starve to death.

These are a few of the bugs I felt in the film.

But on the other hand, it is sort of clever, as it hints at greek mythology, not stories but alien tales.

In these tales it talks about eating children, and a child popping out of a gods head. and the suggestion that these were real stories of probably engineers, and that these may have been engineers religious stories passed down to those on earth when they visited (as the Prometheus film informs us they visited earth several times).

The film sort of talks about mortals becoming gods and mortals again.

The film informs us that it will take 7 years to get to Origae-6. The year is 2104, so presumably lands on Origae-6 in 2111.

The Alien film is said to be set 2122 (17 years later) on planet LV-426.

It s said that the engineers find the dead aliens David has killed and go chace David, and a fight with the ‘Aliens’ David has created are set loose on the engineers on planet LV-426. So perhaps life existed on planet LV-426 before this fight. Perhaps David creates a boobytrap on the engineers ship, where it is activated in the Alien film, when Kane seems to break a layer of gas (I do not think you see this above the eggs in the other films).

It is suggested that David uses Daniels to be the first ‘Queen’ to his creation. And this is where the eggs come from in the Alien film.

It is suggested that David has used Elizabeth Shaw’s body to create the first batch of eggs, and that her hands may have been used as the creation of the facehuggers.

My big bug in the original Alien film, is how did the tiny Alien become 7 foot within a few minutes?