A protestor has died after being hit by speeding car during BLM protest in Seattle

Seattle protests: Woman killed after car strikes protesters [LINK].

From what I gather, a chap got on the motorway in error, and as he drove down had to swerve for two cars that had been set up to block the road, and then he hit a few people who were dressed in black, so would have been hard to have been seen.

While it was reported that this was some right wing person, who did this on purpose, other reports would suggest it wad a black chap who got on the road by accident.

One wonders why the motorway was shut down for a protest. It seems rather foolish to do such a thing.

I feel sorry for the driver things, the only thing he sounds guilty of is making a mistake.

I fail to see what dancing around in the dark, is supposed to achieve.

It seems to be that if your a spoiled middle class youth, you can do what you want. It seems less of a protest, but more about getting a pic or a vid to post on Instagram.

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