I posted this on a forum, and thought I would share with you all.

The main problem will be is if we find lots of people loosing jobs, as the last thing they will spend money on is porn.

I have noticed that the webcam sites I promote in the last month, spending from the customers I have sent has gone to next to nothing.

I suspect sex toy sales from online will have gone up, while sex toy shop sales one suspects will suffer greatly.

I also have found many models no longer doing shoots as they are now looking after there children, as the children are home from school.

This will probably last from 3 months till the end of the year.

However, after this is over, the chances are the economy will do poor in most (if not all) countries.

In the UK they (from today) have shut pubs and so on. Now even when this is over, would you invest in a pub, when, we may find another virus could pop up again and do the same thing at anytime. So many who would be working in such industries may not find work.

As such, we may find unemployment will be bad for some time.

At the same time, free, looks like a good model. Porn tubes have increased traffic with more people at home. If you can make money from free, then this could be a huge opportunity for you.

On one hand we now have probably twice the number of people online (at work they could not look at porn, but can do from home). However, many are at home with children, and many will worry about money, so spending may not increase but decrease.


It is unlikely it will mean huge deaths.

Most will get this and be fine.

It is the economy that will suffer huge.

In the UK the government is now going to cover wages up to £2500 for those who are sent home not working, giving people 3 months holiday from mortgage payments, increased tax credit a bit. The result may mean people will have cash to spend, and will spend. It may mean that the effect is softened. Plus, while many loose jobs, supermarkets are taking staff on urgently as drivers and staff, so some will simply get jobs next day.

However, the longer this goes on, the more impact this will have.

After this, things will be interesting.

Lets put it this way, will anyone want to buy a pub now? After all, a new virus can pop up at anytime and you would end up loosing your investment.

The other impact will be if housing prices crash. If people cannot pay there mortgages, houses will end up being sold cheaper and cheaper. People may start to panic sell, as house prices fall, people will end up having mortgages vastly more expensive than what the house will be worth. So better to sell and make a small loss, rather than end up with property that is worth much less than you paid.

This will also change the world of work. We have talked about working from home for years, but few have gone that way. It is now more likely firms will now do this. Saving a fortune on renting offices, and staff will probably prefer it.

While some shops in the UK are allowed to stay open, it is unlikely many will survive, unless they sell food.

As this goes on, we may even see supermarkets close, and do 100% home delivery, rather than have customers come into store. We may find customers do not want to go outside, and will opt for delivery, plus, the whole store can be used for storage, and so order more in, as they will become storage spaces, and also this would mean they could purchase cheaper.

But one thing, unless this virus stops, in the next month, the effect will mean we will never be the same again.


One thing to do is keep an eye on such as Hollywood, TV firms and the music industry for ideas.

With cinemas now shut in the UK, will they release films online, or put them on hold.

Today a huge amount of money in the music biz, comes from pop concerts. One presumes these will all be cancelled.

TV firms in the UK are reducing/stopping shooting.

It will be fascinating how these firms cope.

On top of this, will people bother to advertise on TV and so on? I mean, what is the point when your not going to get customers, are very few.